Qarabag – Page 11 – evidence base of historical rights of Azerbaijanis

Demography of Zangezur county provides information on the demography of Zangezur county from 1872 to 1916. Twelve official sources were used in the preparation of this material.

Shusha Demographic Data presents Shusha’s demographic data from 1823 till 1989. 25 official and academic sources were used in the preparation of this reference material.

Western xenophobia demonstrated in Karabakh

The case of Karabakh has clearly demonstrated double standards of the Western civilization. Despite the conventional reasoning about the values of multiculturalism, the West sends the world an unambiguous message: Muslim sacred sites and cultural monuments can be destroyed, Christian ones – in no case!

Karabakh – treason and betrayal: 1904, 1991, 2020

In 1991, a representative of the Armenian nationalists of Nagorno-Karabakh expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that Russia did not interfere in the conflict on the side of the Armenians. Now they blame Moscow for their own failures and claim that “Russia has always betrayed us.” “The dubious rulers of Armenia always depend on strong neighboring monarchies and always systematically betray them,” noted Russian public figure Vasily Velichko back in 1904

Reincarnation of Russian Karabakh: 1991 – 2020

The idea of ​​annexing Nagorno-Karabakh to Russia was put forward by the representatives of Armenian nationalists in September 1991. It was the first time when leadership of the Russian Federation tried its hand as a mediator in the Karabakh conflict. In November 2020, with the introduction of Russian peacekeepers, the idea of ​​”Russian Karabakh” came back to life in a somewhat veiled and transformed shape. Now it is expressed not so much by the Armenians as by the Russian politicians, experts and through news publications.