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Singers, who were born in Shusha continues publishing materials about outstanding natives of Shusha and presents a list of famous Azerbaijani singers and khanende (singers of mugham, an Azeri folk music genre).

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Abdullayev Qasim Ibrahim oğlu


Gasim Abdullayev, known for his particularly good performance of the Zabul mugham, was popularly known as Zabul Gasim. He was not only a professional singer, he was also known as an opera artist. In the last years of his life, he taught mugham at the Shusha music school.


Abdullayev Islam Abdul oğlu


Islam Abdullayev is known in the history of Azerbaijani music as a performer of mugham Segah and its other varieties – “Zabul-Segah”, “Segah Mirza Hussein”, “Orta Segah”, “Harij Segah”. For the amazing performance of these segahs, the singer earned the nickname Segah Islam.


Aliyev Abulfat Asad oglu


He performed many mughams, including Rast, Shur, Bayati-Shiraz, Segah-zabul, etc.


Badalbeyli Ahmed-bek Bashir oglu


Nickname: Ahmed Aghdamski, Azerbaijani opera singer (lyric tenor), theater and film actor. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, there were no Azerbaijani actresses, and therefore their roles were played by men, including Ahmed Aghdam, whose pleasant voice, graceful physique and short stature helped him in creating female images.


Beibutov Majid Behbudaly oglu


Majid Behbudov was a famous performer of such mughams as “Mirza Huseyn Segahy “,” Shushter “,” Chargah “. Along with mughams, he also performed songs in the languages of the peoples of the Caucasus, took an active part in the development of the Azerbaijani opera house, performed in a number of mugham operas and operettas created in the 1910s.




Abdul-Baghi Ali oglu Zulalov who became known under the nickname Bulbuljan (translated as “nightingale”) influenced the Azerbaijani school of mugham. His heritage has nurtured a number of outstanding Azerbaijani singers.


Haji Gusi


Kazimly Haji Gusi Kerbalay Lutfali oglu is one of the outstanding representatives of the vocal art of Azerbaijani music. Haji Gusi was also an expert on the theory of mughamat, was aware of the practice of performing this genre in many countries of the East and the peculiarities of mughams in Azerbaijan. He was also the creator of the Gatar mugham.


Zulalov Ali Abdul oglu


In 1938 he was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor for playing the role of Molla Mutallim in the opera Nargiz by Abdul-Muslim Magomayev. In 1940, Ali Zulalov was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Azerbaijan SSR. In 1956 he was a soloist of the Azerbaijan Opera and Ballet Theater named after M.F. Akhundov.


Zulalov Gambar Abdul oglu


In 1926-1975, Gambar Zulalov was a soloist of the Azerbaijan Opera House. Here he performed various roles in the operas of Uzeyir Hajibeyov “Leyli and Majnun”, “Asli and Kerem”, “Korogly”. On April 26, 1958, for his services to the development of operatic art, he was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of the Azerbaijan SSR.


Suraya Saddradin Qajar


Suraya Sadraddin Qajar– Azerbaijani Soviet singer (mezzo-soprano). The main place in the work of Qajar was occupied by Azerbaijani folk songs, mughams, as well as songs of the peoples of the USSR and Soviet composers. She has toured both in the cities of the Soviet Union and in Iran. She was awarded two Orders of the Badge of Honor and medals.


Jabbar Karyagdioglu


Jabbar Karyagdyoglu was also known outside the Caucasus. The singer’s art was admired by Fyodor Chaliapin, Sergey Yesenin, Reingold Glier. In the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, Karyagdy is called the largest khanenda, an expert in Azerbaijani folk music.


Kechachi oglu Muhammad


Kechachi oglu Mukhamed is an Azerbaijani singer-khanenda, a representative of the Shusha vocal school of mugham. He, in his usual intrinsic manner, performed classical mughams “Nava”, “Makhur”, “Mani” and, in particular, “Bayati-Qajar”


Farzaliev Meshadi Mamed


Mashadi Mamed Farzaliyev was distinguished by a strong voice of a wide range. He performed zerbi-mughams with great skill, especially “Eyrata”, “Mansuriyye”, “Karabakh shikeste” and others. In the history of Azerbaijani art khanenda Mashadi Mammad Farzaliyev is known for his virtuoso performance of “Shushter” mugham.


Khan Shushinsky


Real name – Isfendiyar Aslan oglu Javanshirov, performed under the nickname Khan Shushinsky. According to the singer himself, Jabbar Karyagdioglu and Seyid Shushinsky played an important role in improving his skills in the future. Possessing a strong voice with a wide range, Khan Shushinsky sang all mughams with skill, but no one sang Mahur Hindi like him. The khan perfectly performed all versions of Segah mugham, and with special brilliance – “Karabakh shikeste”.