Qarabag – evidence base of historical rights of Azerbaijanis

Sheikh İbrahim Mausoleum

The mausoleum of Sheikh Ibrahim is located in the cemetery of the village of Ashagy Aybasanly in Fuzuli district of Azerbaijan. Among the local residents, the monument is known as the “Tomb of Iba” or “Mausoleum of Iba Ibrahim”.

Vagif Mausoleum

Molla Panah Vagif Mausoleum or the museum-mausoleum complex is located in the southeastern part of Shusha, on the Jidir Plain (translated from Azerbaijani – a field for horse race). 

The most ancient mosque of Shusha – Yukhari Govhar Agha Mosque has prepared material about Yukhari Govhar Agha Mosque, the fourth mosque built in Shusha. The article also contains information about three previous mosques that once existed on the site of the current mosque. The article begins with the description of the oldest mosque and continues in chronological order